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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  May 23, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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temperatures coming in 70 degrees right now in arnold. quite a warm start to the day once again. these winds will be out of the south. perry hall's temperature at 69 degrees right now. and in easton we're coming in at 71 degrees. and this is the way we will look throughout the day. you're waking up around 6:00 this morning, to plenty of cloud cover out there and a few showers just depending on where you are. as we roll down the timeline around 9:00 we still have the potential for more showers in the forecast and then things will pick up more into lunchtime with the temperature around 76 degrees. making your way home from work today that's when we have the severe weather rolling in. i'll talk more about that but now let's get a check of the traffic now with lauren. well, lynette that weather could really affect the evening commute but right now you are in the clear. heading downtown nothing get in the way on the jfx as we check in and take a live look here at old pimlico road. just the normal 11 minutes from the beltway all the way downtown to east fayette street.
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a live look at 395 nothing to get in the way traveling through the fort mchenry tunnel. and a look at the drive times you'll notice the construction out on 895 not impacting traffic through the harbor tunnel. you're looking at a nine minute ride traveling northbound from 95 to the toll plaza. and we will remain in the green out on the beltway. the inner loop nice and clear from 95 up to 195. that stretch will take you the normal 11 minutes. and as we head east typical drive time of # 1 minutes as well to travel the outer loop from 95 up to 83. that's your abc2 timesaver traffic. the heartbreak of monday's deadly oklahoma tornado continues resonating across the u.s.. but nowhere greater than the community of moore. >> yeah, now they prepare to bury the lost and abc2 news linda so is here with the latest from the tornado damaged area. linda what have you found? >> reporter: the first of the young victims will be laid to rest today. the funeral for 9-year-old antonio candelaria will happen later this morning. the town of moore is preparing for two dozen funerals and volunteers came together yesterday to clean debris from the town cemetery. among the 24 people who died,
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two of them were infants, just 4 and 7 months olds. in all, ten children were killed. the medical examiner says six of the kids who died at plaza towers elementary suffocated after being buried under the building and a seventh grade child was killed instantly by an object that kill on his neck. amy rainy is a counselor who rode out the storm at briarwood elementary. >> i had my 10-year-old with me. in the storage closet where we were and my 7-year-old was with another teacher's son in the boys' bathroom. and there was a father in there. and he had clung to the toilet and told the boys to cling on to him. and he -- willest the one that -- he is the one that kept our children alive. >> reporter: president obama is scheduled to visit moore, oklahoma this sunday. the twister caused more than $2 billion in damage. the mayor of the town says he
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will now push for shelters in all new homes. back to you. it's hard to ease the pain for people who have lost everything. but you do what you can to help. comfort dogs have arrived in moore, oklahoma to help with the healing process. the program's director says the dogs bring a calmness and they help people talk about what happened. we have seen an outpouring of support for people in oklahoma right here in maryland. thanks to you and yesterday we told you about a number of local businesses stepping in coming together for donations. and bobby's potties teamed up with wendy's to collect needed items. you joined in in the effort. cases and cases of water, food, blankets and flashlights and everything we told you yesterday that was needed. now going to be headed to oklahoma thanks to your generosity. for more details on how we are helping the tornado victims head to the website at for all the latest information. now to a developing story. the man who killed cockeysville native yeardley love facing
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more legal trouble this morning. they are suing george huguely because he refuses to answer questions from insurance investigators. the insurance company believes that gives them the opportunity to get out of paying damages in the wrongful death lawsuit brought by the love family. news time now 5:05 and more disturbing images to show you this morning. this is going to be difficult to see. these another animal abuse case in baltimore city. megan you said two days ago we have a problem in the city. no truer words spoken. bark's said this is the fourth serious case they've seen in a week. this dog was found in an abandoned city building suffering from chemical burns. earlier this week we told you about knee moe thrown from a car and barks has seen the severe starvation case and a puppy stabbed to death in the past week. >> something's got to be done. all right, also this morning, the agreement between the state prison officials and federal investigators that led to a two year investigation of the baltimore city detention center doesn't stay why state needed to -- why the state needed the feds to come in and
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help. it was put into effect in 2011. nearly two years after another set of gang related arrests involving a correctional facility in baltimore city. it details how state correctional officials would work with investigators and the fbi, the dea and other agencies. it led to the arrests of 24 people including 13 correctional officers last month. >> how much damage was done during two and a half years of waiting and watching and allowing the black willow family to get stronger? >> the story isn't going away anytime soon. governor o'malley expects the arrests last month to be the beginning not the end of this investigation. it is seven minutes after the hour and if you were near a television yesterday afternoon you heard about this story. two men brutally attack a men believed to be a british soldier in the city of london. >> up next the latest on the deadly attack and why investigators believe it may be a terror attack. >> also how the actions of a fisherman saved the life of a
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man whose boat overturned. we have some video for you this check out when -- to check out when "good morning maryland" returns.
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red cross volunteers are hard at work helping victims of the devastating tornado in moore, oklahoma. they're taking pictures to document damage done to homes and buildings in the city. red cross shelters have been opened up for victims who need a place to stay. and a fleet of red cross emergency response vehicles have also been sent to moore. >> more photos coming out of the devastation from moore. you can see the destruction the
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massive tornado left behind. cars piled up on debris and just piles and piles of a mess. you have to really consider megan start thinking about -- how when and where you go about cleaning all this up. where do you start? >> it's going to take a long time. listen to this. this is interesting, on your next trip to the south if you end up in oklahoma, you can actually get inked. a louisiana tattoo shop is offering the deal for the next two weeks the owners will donate at least 10% of sales to help tornado victims. the owners say that they went to oklahoma and they had to evacuate during katrina and now they want to give back so this is how they're doing it. >> it seems like sometimes it's the most unique of ways, any way someone can help out what you're seeing here is this is their chance to pay back as you said and you might think tattoos really? a lot of people getting them. >> you might think the same thing about portable toilets and bobby's potty what they're doing. that's all going to oklahoma. >> exactly great story. >> you're right and the severe weather now is shifting off towards the east.
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we are understood under the gun for today into the afternoon. we can see the big picture here as we look at the satellite and radar. showers and thunderstorms up across the upper midwest this morning. but also we're seeing some scattered showers and thunderstorms all the way into maine and down into georgia the morning. scattered showers as of now. we can see it around anne arundel county and this will continue through the morning but the only thing is is that it's going to get a little worse. now look what's coming our way. i'm going to put this into motion and before i do so i want to tell you we are in the warm sector. warm sector is the area where the showers and thunderstorms begin to fire up. so that's what we'll see into the afternoon. we will have that severe weather threat. now that severe weather threat means that we will see some damaging winds and also some large hail that is possible as we go into the afternoon. what also coming our way is cooler air as we work our way into the weekend and we will begin to dry things out as well. so you might like the temperatures you might not. i'm going to show you those in just a minute but i know you
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will like the sunshine we will be receiving. upper 60s from bel air to columbia. reisterstown at 70 degrees right now in rock hall and cambridge at 71 degrees. and huntingtown 71 as well. abc2's most accurate future trend, so we have two rounds as we go throughout the day. the first round will come in here as we go into 10:00, 11:00 and this will persist as we go throughout the day. before you head out this morning, grab the rain gear because you will need it. it goes back into motion 5:00, 6:00 this next line, this is the one that's associated with this cold front that's going to move through. this is the one that's going to be bringing the severe weather threat as we go more into your commute home. so it is going to be a little bit dicey. it is going to take a while for it to clear out so by tomorrow, we'll linger around friday and we could see some more clouds in the forecast. maybe a morning shower. but by the weekend, things looking much better. the temperature for today by lunchtime coming in right around 76 degrees. that humidity will still be out there. as well as the warm temperatures. but that cold front is going to
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drop the temperatures down. we were talking about the upper 60s as we head into friday and saturday. but memorial day weekend looking pretty good as we work our way through time. let's get a check of the traffic lauren. well lynette a little bit of rain right now in howard county. on interstate 70 this is what it lookalikes at columbia pike. fortunately no delays to get in the way. nice and clear westbound to frederick or east over to 695. if you are traveling out on the beltway, here's a live look in pikesville at green spring avenue. the inner loop nice and clear all the way up to 83. and as we check in and take a look at the latest drive times you'll notice the outer loop nice and clear as well. it will take just 12 minutes from 795 down to 95. head east conditions will remain nice and calm as well. you're looking at an 11 minute ride on the outer loop from 95 up to 83. and there are no concerns right now on 95 in white marsh. it will take just eight minutes to travel southbound from the harbor tunnel throughway to the fort mchenry tunnel toll plaza. that's your abc2 timesaver
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traffic. if you're heading down to d.c. for the memorial day weekend, beware your trip could take longer than expected. mote row plans to do trackwork and they're closing outlying stations including two in maryland. they will close friday through monday. shuttle buses will run from the stations but metro says expect to add about 25 minutes to your trip each way. so before you head out for the memorial day road trip, check traffic conditions and watch live cameras from our website, health news for you this morning. sudden infant death syndrome just four words that can spell tragedy for any new parent. but a new study now is shedding light on the kinds of sleeping habits that lead to sids. researchers looked at nearly 1500 cases where infants died from sids and found that many of the cases the babies were sleeping in the same bed as their parents. the risk was even higher among babies whose parents smoked and
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used alcohol or drugs. they recommend placing infants in a crib by themselves face up. postpartum depression is something up to 20% of new mothers experience but in most cases most cases doctors have no way of knowing who might be affected. a new study out of johns hopkins could be changing that. researchers found changes in certain genes that can be detected in blood tests. that could help most -- single out the women experiencing the depression after giving birth. fewer teenagers are having babies. >> now are dropping in nearly all states right now according to the cdc. the number of births to teens ages 15 to 19 dropped 25% between '07 and 2011. >> now among individual ethnic groups the biggest drop was seen in hispanic teenagers. teen birthrates dropped 34%. more and more kids are actually getting the right message doctors say. >> abstinence plus family planning counseling. you can't just go abstinence only. you have to do that and plus
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here's how you keep yourself safer. >> researchers linked the declines in teen birthrates to a number of factors including strong teen pregnancy prevention messages and nearly all states saw hefty drop in teen birth. you a big recall this morning and this car could be in your garage. >> if you drive a 2013 cadillac crossover, what you need to do if you need to take it back to the dealer. >> also if you are going to disney world get ready to pay more for the happiest place on earth. the latest step on the price hike and how you can save money if you go see the big mouse. [ both ] we're foodies.
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caught on camera, a quick thinking fisherman now being credited with saving a kayaker who capsized. >> he captured the whole rescue on video. lindsay con caught up with him and has a spot where this all unfolded. >> reporter: on many days you'll find john pulling casting a line into the water around seattle. >> this kind of fishing isn't very exciting. >> reporter: but on friday, he caught something entirely different. >> in the lake here. >> reporter: on camera, from his boat. >> this help and it was in the
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distance out here. >> reporter: pulling was out on the lake after a day of fishing with friends. when they saw a man whose kayak had capsized. >> just run back down with the boat and launch it and try to help the guy. i got it i got it. >> reporter: with the sound of sirens in the background pulling went after the man. a complete stranger who wouldn't let go of his boat as he appeared to be in hypothermic shock. >> he went over and i dove and pulled him up. and just held on to him and at that point, i -- was yelling for the other boat in the lake help you guys in the other boat come over here. >> reporter: other boaters on the lake ignored his pleas for help making matters worse, the kayaker's life jacket didn't fit height. he was -- right. it was hindering him more than helping him. >> he didn't tie it in the back and he was starting to sink when -- the head went under a
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couple of times and i had to reach and pull him out. >> reporter: eventually fire crews arrived and took the man out of the lake. and tonight say a fisherman's catch and quick thinking may have helped save a life. >> he shook my hand very sincerely. didn't really want to let go and just thanked me you know for helping him out. >> again that was lindsey cohen reporting. a bear out for a stroll got quite a scare in one los angeles neighborhood. seems to me like the bear would be giving the scare. that bear was wandering through yards and climbing over walls and at one point it came close to some horses that were behind the fence. you think the horses were scared? probably. once that bear walked into some nearby woods wildlife officials took it out with a tranquilizer dart. i have -- i have a problem with that. crews released the bear though into the angeles national forest so he can go and find boo boo and they can look for other methods. >> what? >> yogi and boo boo. never know -- you never know
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what's going to come out of my mouth. >> i know. so i'm here to ask what? >> did he just say that? anthony weiner jokes coming up later i promise. stay with us this morning, many families will be heading to the pool or the beach this memorial day weekend. swimming can be fun but also really dangerous for young children. >> tips you want to keep in mind for keepable little ones -- keeping little ones safe out on the water. >> also ahead one teen makes a cell phone breakthrough. about a gadget readed that could actually have the phone all charged up in a matter of seconds. >> seconds. . good morning, topping america's money, a mixed message from the feds. first chair mesne bernanke cold congress the economic stimulus won't be ending anytime soon. then he suggested it could be scaled back next month. general motors is recalling
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20,000 cadillac srx models. the wheels might fall off and only models with 18-inch wheels need immediate repairs. german tech company s. a. p. has hung out the sign for workers with autism. and new signs of the recovery. sales of existing homes glummened in april to the highest level since 2009. sales figures for new homes are going to be released later on this morning. and that's america's money, have a great day everyone. i'm diana perez.
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a bloody attack in the streets of london putting army barracks around the world on high alert. what authorities believe may have been the motive for this attack. they're an eyesore and a hotbed for crime. baltimore's vacant to value program is now looking to tear down abandoned properties and for some it's a chance to make a better life for themselves. also dozens of parents went to a classroom. why they had to sit through a night class so the kids could be allowed to go to program. all the details for you on this mark zuckerberg and a good morning to -- thursday and a good morning to you maryland, i'm charlie crowson. >> and i'm megan pringle.
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a lot to talk about not only with the news but also with weather. we could see some severe weather today. >> all right, let's get to lynette. what you see out there? >> right now we have some scattered showers and storms trying to roll through the area this morning. maryland's most powerful radar picking up on all that and just going to get even more hectic as we go through the rest of today. so right now we're just seeing scattered in nature but we will start to see some changes in the forecast for us. and we are looking at a few showers now coming down around harford village and melrose and forest hill. if your travels take you this way this morning be prepared for the light rain. also a few showers now coming around busch, todd lakes and also lynn's rest and this will continue through the morning hours and then some more showers working their way in here from the south. we do have a big shower now around fredericksburg in virginia this morning that's working its way towards our area. temperature-wise, we're coming in on the mild to warm side. look at shadyside. 70 degrees right now. 65 in hereford. we have some patchy fog in frederick this morning as well. that's really the main spot of
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the fog this morning. and as we look at the planner expect through your day the warm conditions and also we will be dealing with the showers and thunderstorms some of those caboose career. large hail -- could be severe. large hail and also some gusty winds. when it will hit the neighborhood, that's coming up. but right now let's get a check of the traffic now with lauren. we have rain in howard county and fog if frederick. we have a fuel spill on the harrisburg expressway. but causing no significant delays as you make the push down to the beltway. as we head over to white marsh 95 nice and clear. 65 miles per hour along the southbound lanes here at route 43. no trouble heading all the way into the city. 695 also in great shape. here's a live look at putty hill avenue. as we take a look at the drive times you'll notice we are in the green across the board. 11 minutes right now on the outer loop from 95 up to 83. the west side nice and clear as well it will take just 123 minutes to travel from 795 all the way down to 95. and if you are traveling out on
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895 despite all the construction, we're still looking at a drive time of just nine minutes to travel from 95 all the way to the harbor tunnel plaza. that's a look aft your timesaver traffic. mayor says it's a goal. do something about the abandoned homes in the city. >> but the city's vacant the value program is bringing in mixed reaction today. >> abc2 news' sherrie johnson is here with more. >> reporter: those who want to hang on to their homes surrounded by vacant buildings are worried about getting fair value for their homes if they are forced to sell. now many neighbors have disappeared over the last 50 years leaving vacant boarded up homes and the blight that comes with them. ironically the same program that aims to wipe out entire blocks of vacant homes will try to save some. the city offered one home up for sale for $5,000 plus incentives in hopes of renovating vacant to make them stronger neighborhoods. now the city plans to knock down 1500 more vacants over the next three years and many of th


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